Let smart data lead

your decisions.

We are Cordian, a next level data strategy, analytics and
services provider for leading corporations.


We organize company’s data, make it meaningful and give answers.

Make immediate, reliable decisions that you can build on.  

Visionary along the way, ambitious for results and believing in relationships.

Cordian Legal

In Legal 80% of the work is manual, repetitive and time-consuming. Our solution make Legal more efficient and accessible while providing legal security in given answers.

Get in contact to find out more about our tailored industry solutions Legal, Compliance, Risk and Customer Services.

From data to insight, from insight to intelligent action and strategy. 

Our software solutions help you to transform your data into immediate value. 

Get in touch with our consultants to identify your potential. 


Holistic Data Integration & Automatization

Streamline and qualify your existing company data and workflows.

Intelligent Answer &
Insight Services

Simplify daily work and boost efficiency applying Artificial Intelligence.

Visionary Data Analytics &
Predictive Analysis

See new perspectives, create objective forecasts and ensure reliable strategies.


Management Strategy

We provide standardized workshop packages to identify, analyze and lift your today and future data potential.

Design Thinking

Applying Design Thinking, we take a customer centric perspective, integrate all stakeholders and find creative out of the box solutions.

Platform Approach

Our solutions are based on standardized modules for typical scenarios, adapted to your individual needs and environment.



Our consultants successfully develop strategies and apply our solutions for the following and more organizations:



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